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Ear Training

"Listen to it!"

Tones, Intervals and Chord are the elements music is made from. The more you are able to recognize the music heard, the more you will experience the music.

auris Auris asks you chords... auris Auris asks you melodies... auris Exercises to the theme "intervals" ... widi Wizzard for creating new exercises

Auris offers you various methods and exercises to improve your skills for the themes melody, interval and chord:


This Theme coaches you in recognizing single notes and little tone sequences. You can repeat the quested tones. You give your answer on an instrument or write it in notes.


Define the heard interval by writing the name or play an interval given by name.


Chords are played arpeggio or blocked. You have to define the name. Or play a chord given by name.

Exercises in various degrees

AURIS offers you 50 exercises in five degrees of difficulty from beginner to expert. Additional you can vary each exercise. You can simply train yourself or check your skills in a test.

Various Inputs:

You give your answer on...

Price (inkl. MwSt.): 19,90 €