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software form Midimaster is educational software for improving the score reading skills. The program displays exercises the pupile has to solve - relating to pitch and/or rhythm. The course of each lesson depends on the rightness of the answers.
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Midimaster News:

AURIS Ear Training Software.

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With AURIS you will learn listening to melodies, intervals and chords.

In more than 50 exercises you will become a "listener" and will be able to play song from radio by ear. Play chord accompaniment with other musicians and know what to do! The software is avaiable in english , german and czech language.

Multi Language version now avaiable!

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Sight Read on Smartphone

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Exclusivly for our customers we offer the android version of


You can install this software for sight read for free on your android smartphone or tablet. Enter the search word midimaster or score-trainer at GooglePlay or follow this link:

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Free Game-App from Midimaster

CheeseBox CheeseBox "Midimaster on Google Play"

We uploaded our first App for Android Smartphones to Google Play. It is the old fashioned "Dots 'n Boxes", that we played on quad paper in school.

Two players combat online, or one player against the smartphone. Better then the original game our Cheesebox offers terror fields, which "vary" the rule a little bit. Becaus of this the game is more strategyly. And the faster player wins bonus credits.

This app runs on Android Smartphone but also in a Firefox-Browser.

Please tell it to friends: We can write any app for you.

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"New MAC-Version ready"

Rhythm Trainer
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"Midimaster goes MAC" for mac too

Rhythm-Trainer XXL

We soon publish the Apple-MAC Version of Rhythm-Trainers. The software is completly renewed and offers not only a fresh look, but a lot of features: Practice rhythm exercises with both hands simultanously. Have a look on the early screenshot. Of course the software is avaiable in english.

"Recording for children..."

Recorder Easy recording from microphone or karaoke.

MINI Nr.9 "Midimaster Recorder (Tape deck)"

The Tape deck allowes easy recording from microphone and audio in. At the same time it is possible to record multiple sources at the same time (Mix)

The Purpose of this tape deck is the easy handling and offers only basic features. One of the targets was to offer a possibility to create your own CD also to children.

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"Find the pair of sounds..."

Klange-Paare The game about exact listening.

MINI Nr.8 "Midimaster Klang-Paare" (Sound-Pairs)

Like in the famous card game the players turn around two cards. But "Klang-Paare" displays no pictures, the students have to find two corresponding sounds.

The player who found two corresponding cards gets 2 points and turn again. Winner is, who has the most of points.

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"I hear you singin'..."

Sing-A-Pur The Intonations-Software for singers.

MINI No.7 "Sing-A-Pur - Singing Coach"

The software "Sing-A-Pur" supports vocal students in finding the correct intonation.

Target of the lesson is to sing single notes and intervals correct. Sing-A-Pur displays correct to a dot, how close the tone was to the note. So it is possible for singers to control themself at home.

Over speakers Sing-A-Pur Töne sounds the notes, which the singer has to repeat via microphone. The computer analizes the sungen tune and displays it on the screen. The handling is as easy as winking.


Multi Language version now avaiable!

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Midimaster goes Mac


all MINIs now also avaiable for Apple Mac OsX

We expand our education line "The MINIs" to operation systems for Apple Mac and Linux. With immediate effect all MINIs are also avaiable for the Apple mac. The programs clearify complex contents, are small tools or simply nice games based on musical education purpose.

"No longer alone...."

Duett - Your Accompaniment The software "Duett" supports students playing music instruments with a piano accompaniment.

MINI No.6 "Duett - Your Accompaniment"

In the focus there is not an adding of a virtuous piano player, but a very simple and clear accompaniment of quarters.

The software is consciously made, that also computer-inexperienced users as well as children are able to start immediately and after a few moments they can start with practicing.

English version now avaiable!

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"Secrets Of The Circle Of Fifth"

Quintenzirkel The students learn to construct a circle of fifth and explore the secrets of the circle.

MINI No.5 "The turnable Circle Of Fifth"

The Students learn the mnemonics of the scales. After this they build a Circle Of Fifth.

In the turnable mode the understand the relation between scales, accidentals and chord family. Tones and chords will sound adapted to the scale .

English version now avaiable!

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WIDI 4.0

Das Team
The Score-Design in WIDI 4.0

WIDI 4.0

In the focus the complett re-newed and re-designed WIDI 4.0:
Displaying Notes, optimized algorythms, drum-recognition are only a few on the new features....

"You are the drummer"

Drum-Champion The students playing drums on the copmuter together with typical pop or rock songs.

MINI Nr.4 "Der Drum-Champion"

In the background you can hear the song without drum-track, even with you the arrangement will become complete. Read the playalong instructions from the 3D-rolling bar, which rolls to the student. You have an easy and an advanced level of each song.

As better the student plays, as more point he will receive. At the end he can compare with other students.

English version now avaiable!

Big Success with MINI No.II

metronom Enthusiastic students, pleased teachers: Great fun with learning the musical scales. Caution: this offer expires at Dec. 20.

MINI Nr.2 "Catching Scales"

The first 3D action game in the MINIs series: Flying notes must be caught in the right order of the scales. in the correct order.

English version now avaiable!

MINIs are coming!

metronom We are starting a new series of educational software with a new release every month. The programs clearify complex contents, are small tools or simply nice games based on musical education purpose.

MINI No.I "The Metronom"

The first issue, "The Metronome" is the virtual realization of a classical tool exceeding the original's features a lot (e.g. 5/4 measure ore swing feel).

English version now avaiable!

free painting software for children.

Painting with Tatiti We have just published the nicest Paintings from our new game "Tatiti, the rhythm of Indians". Children can download and color the pictures on the computer, painting software is included, installation is not necessary.

The main game of "Tatiti, the rhythm of Indians" appears in March 2009.