On this site you can find hints about faults and answers to frequently asked questions about scoretrainer:
At the end of the ß-test Scoretrainer is 97% errorfree, but there are still problems with the installation and the use of different Windows computers. Please send us an email, if you can't find the answer for your problem here. We'll help you immediately.
Please check first, if you're using the latest version of the program. (latest version)

There are different kinds of users' questions:

Problems during download

Problems during installation and use of version  4.0-5.9

please read also: Program Scoretrainer itself

Problems with the Program Scoretrainer itself

please also read: Windows-Problems

Problems with Windows

Help for not described problems

Problems during download:

Demo-Update for Licence version?
After you have bought a licence for scoretrainer, you can update it via internet all the time. You use the update for the demo version, but it will turn to an update for licenced version on your computer.

Which update is the right one?
There are two upgrades for version 4 ->6 or version 5->6.

Version 4->6
It improve all older versions starting up from CD version 4.0 to 5.9.  You can start the new version on your computer without deleting the older version before. Please pay attention that there is a German and an English update.
It improve all older versions starting up from version 5.0 to  5.9  You must start the new version on your computer without deleting the older version before. The only difference between the update and the complete version is the size of the download and as a consequence the download time.
The latest update improves all new  versions starting up from version 6.0 to  6.2. If you have an older version, you should download the upgrade. You must start the new version on your computer without deleting the older version before.

Download is interupted
It might happen that the download doesn't run until it is finished. The reason is the overload of the internet. Watch all the time, if the download runs until 100%. Check if the size of the file is as large as we told you on our homepage. If the download didn't work, just try it again. Best woul be to do the download when the internet is used less. (e.g. after 21:00h)

Delete before update?
You don't have to delete an older version, before you update SCORETRAINER. It might even happen, that SCORETRAINER doesn't start ever again if you delete scoretrainer files. In this case you can only call the hotline (only for licenced users). If you don't want to use the SCORETRAINER again, you can delete the MIDIMAST directory including its content.

Problems with old version  4.0- 5.9

Basically we counsel all users of the versions 4.0 to 5.9 to get the latest version (not update) form the internet. All the following faults are solved then at once!!!!

Problems with the program scoretrainer

How to setup SCORETRAINER for the very first time?
To use SCORETRAINER perfectly you have to setup the following parameters when starting the program for the first time:
1. Licence number
If you bought SCORETRAINER, enter your licence number and all needed data  after the first start of the program. You can reach the licence request at the menu "Parameter-Program setup-change licence". You have to pay attention first to enter your last name and afterwards to enter your first name. End the program after you have entered all needed data and restart the program.
2. Create your personal profile
Deside with screen toll you would like to use: Piano, guitar or buttons (use: Parameter-Program setup-change-display). Find a MIDI OUT device so that you can hear the sound at the speakers of your computer (use: Parameter-Program setup-change-MIDI). Load a desired game library. For example "KLAVIER.SDA" for piano pupils.
From version 4.08on the program setup will be included to SETUP.EXE.

First read the owner's manual
You can read the owner's manul after you have clicked on the menu "information/help". There is a quick explanation of the most imortant facts you shoud know. You can find a lot of explanations in the alphabetic index. Frist try to solve your problem there, before you call the hotline. If you don't find the answer there, we would like to help you via email. We only offer the telephone hotline for professional users.

Affects  users, who once have changed their soundcard. Windows still knows the device and scoretrainer brings a message "Device not ready". The message is harmless.

Game escapes after pushing the middle C
You have to setup the MIDI parameters correctly, before you start to play via MIDI. "MIDI-base-tone" desides which key is used as the lowest C. In most cases "36" is correctly. You can test this at "Parameter-Program setup-change-MIDI-MIDI test". If the base-tone set on "60", the game escapes after pushing the middle C. Base-tone always means escape. Read more about this in your owner's manual.

There is no piano on the screen
If you would like use the piano as a screen tool, you have to choose it insiede the menu "program setup/change/display". The piano is display at the next round.

How can a teacher pass his games on to his pupils?
From version 4.09 on there will be 2 new menus: "Create teacher's disk" and "Load teacher's disk". From then on program setup, a choice of levels, the looking of the certificate and the logo of the school used as a background picture can be transfered to the pupils' games. The teacher creates this disk for his pupils. They insert the disk into their computers only once. From then on the pupils' SCORETRAINER works just as teacher wanted it.

Problems with Windows

After won level "printer not found" occures
You haven't installed any printer. Many programs need at least one printer. Install any printer driver inside your Windows menu.

Band plays wrong and with delays
There were some problems with low-cost "MPU401-compatible" soundcards in very fast computers. Scoretrainer version 4.06 includes an advaced MIDI routine, which will cause less trouble. If you still have problems, send us an email, we try to help you.

graphic device is too slow
Many 486 and old 586 are to slow for your program. We are going to optimize our graphic routines until September, so that you can also use it on older computer.

Other errors:
If you find any error, that isn't listed up here, please write an email. We help you immediately.

 System requirements:

MIDIMASTER runs perfectly with all Pentium computers <200Mhz, using at least 32Mb Ram, 20MB free hard disk space and all Windows´95 to XP. A sound card including MIDI or Joystick port as well as a MIDI keyboard would be good, but not necessary.