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"May I play with Score Trainer once more?"

Never before it was that entertaining and exciting learning to read notes as with Score Trainer. Four complete different game variations teach the pupils score reading reliability. The software adapts its severity by input or automatically to the user's ability. Progresses are jounalized, successes can be printed out on a certificate.

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You can get Score Trainer in two versions: the standard version, for the pupil to practice at home, and the professional version, pointed to the teacher's requirements of creating own lessons and libraries and many more.

Common features:

Score Trainer trains reading notes. Four different games can be played in three different ways:

Each of these games can be used in three different ways:

From Beginner to Professional in 20 Lessons

Each of these games offers a collection of 20 lessons that base upon each other. For the fact that guitar lessons start in an other way as piano lessons, also the standard version offers preparing lessions for various instruments.


Changeable Design
The chequered appearance of the programm can be substituted by more cool design in order to find a better acceptance by adults and adolescents.

Various Input Interfaces:

Score Trainer can be adjusted to every MIDI keyboard - many MIDI cards are supported.

No MIDI keyboard connected? Therefore Score Trainer offers a virtual keyboard on the screen. For answering the questions the player can click the notes on that.

Score Trainer is also needfull for learning many other instruments. Such as guitar or e-bass, violin, trumpet or trombone.

Beside the display of the notes in the score system also the names can be shown. Singers can alter to the Italian notation (Do, Re, Mi,...).

The output of the tones goes over the MIDI keyboard or the build-in MIDI card of the PC. Sound effects and little melodies increase the fun.

The Professional Version:

Create Own Lessons
The teacher can create own lessons in the profi version. Score Trainer Profi works with free programmable lessons that can be repeated every time. The tones spectrum goes from the deep C until the high c'''. Sharps and flats can be turned on and off. Duration and run of a game are programmable in a wide range.

Free Updates

Lifelong free updates and free hotline support are part of the professional version. The professional version can be installed and used on up to 5 computers.

There are 5 different SCORE TRAINER versions:

System Requirements:

Score Trainer runs optimal on all Pentium computers with least 800 MHz, 64MB RAM and a good graphic card. Plattforms: Windows98/NT/ME/ 2000/XP, DirectX8 or better. (Sound card with MIDI or joystick port and keyboard optionaly)

Prices (incl. of VAT): Standard Version   19,90 €
Professional Version   74,90 €

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