Metronom Rhythmus-Trainer

Only rhythm lets tones become melodies

Practice your timing and learn to play the right length of notes. Within 20 levels you'll become perfect in timing. Bars are displayed on the screen, which you have to play on the computer or piano keyboard. You can see your answers realtime, the computer analyses your action and changes his strategy for the selection of the next bars.

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Two versions of Rhythm Trainer are available: the standard version, for the pupil to practice at home, and the professional version, pointed to the teacher's requirements of creating own lessons and libraries and many more.

The Functions of Rhythm Trainer:

Notes are displayed randomly on the screen and played. You select one of 20 levels. First you can listen to the rhythm of the melody, a metronome gives the beat. Now you try to play the bar 5 times. Coloured dots indicate how good you played. The more green the point is, the better you played.

You see four bars, which one is played? Click on the correct bar in due time.

Playing Drums, create your own grooves with the grid editor and let it play in the background by Rhythm Trainer or improvise to it...

Last, but not least there are the dynamic games: Show Dynamic, Dynamic Exam and the Cave Game. The velocity controls these games. At the Cave Game for instance the dynamic level determineds the flight height of a vulture - and don't touch the walls...

The Handling

Typically you use Rhythm Trainer with a midi keyboard. But it is also possible to control it with a microphone. So every imaginable instrument, your voice or hand clap can be used.

Not only the note ons are checked by the program but also its offs and volumes.

In the sorting field you can assemble new games by yourself.

From more than 1000 measure examples you can create new game levels. So you can tain exactly what you need.

The measure editor (only professional version)

Make new bars or change existing ones easily, just by inserting notes. Once a bar is saved, you can already use ist for a new level.

Motivation by highscores and certificates:

If somebody plays very good, he will be taken to the highscore list and a certificate will be printed. This is very important for children. Kids want to win. You can make them practice, if they get little "victories".

Of course Rhythm Trainer includes all the features you already know from Score Trainer: Remote control, password, manipulation of pupils' data, printig of lists, teachers' disk, updates for free...

Price (incl. of VAT): Standard Version   19,90 €
Professional Version   74,90 €

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