Translation Project
For us it's very difficult to translate our program into any language, because we'd need a lot of time. But together with the internet there is a solution. If many people help together, they can translate the program easily.
(see List Of Started Translation Projects)

How it works

Within the folder "Scoretrainer" there is a file "Scoretrainer Personal Translation.Dat", which will contain all the new words and phrases needed by the Scoretrainer. In the beginning it is empty, you can fill it with your translation. Step by step the phrases used in Scoretrainer will change. Each word or expression has its own line and number. There are about 400 expressions. At the top there are the most important and short expressions (like menu items), at the end there are the rarely used expression (like error messages).

In the Scoretrainer there is a  menu "Options/Translation Project". The Translation Window will show you in the upper box the word to translate. Write the translation into the lower box. By closing the box the new words will change inside the program.

What you need

  • The language you want to create should be your mother language.
  • It would be good, if you were musician, because you need to know expression like '#' in your language.
  • You speak "English" or "German" as foreign language
  • You should have some time (5 hours for the main work)
  • How Many time?
    It depends on you. Within one hour you can translate the 60 most important words, but this will be 50% of the expressions in the programm. If you don't finish the translation it will work as well, many expression are now in your language, the rest remains English or German. Whenever you want, you can continue.
    For a whole translation you will need about 10 hours. Send us the file when you have finished the translation. You will get a free professional version then.
    Details: Translating
    First step is to look on this page. Maybe the translation for your language is already finished or someboy else has started to translate the table. So you can work together with him. (see List Of Started Translation Projects)

    Install the current version of Scoretrainer. Choose the language you understand better: german or english. Please write an email to Midimaster, that you have started translating Scoretrainer. We will help and support you.

    If there is already a started Project in your language download and copy the file "Scoretrainer Personal Translation.Dat" into your Scoretrainer-Directory.

    Open "Options/Translation Project". Click at "Show Numbers". Restart Scoretrainer.

    You'll see all menus and items, written in English together with a number: f.e "10023Save as", "30056Bass Cleff". This is the reference for you, because you have to know the numbers of an expression to translate a certain phrase.

    The Translation Window will show you in the upper box the word to translate. Write the translation into the lower box. By closing the box the new words will change inside the program. Find a certain phrase by entering the number.

    During the days of translation you can use the Scoretrainer just as normal. If you translated only a few words, it will work as well. All done word will appear in your language, all missing word will appear in the formarly installed language. You don't have to translate all of them, you don't have to translate it one by one, you could begin at the bottom -  it just doesn't matter. If Scoretrainer finds a "NEW"-Word, Scoretrainer will use it, if there is none, Scoretrainer will use the installed language.

    After each translation session you send the "Scoretrainer Personal Translation.Dat" to Midimaster. We will publish it on our homepage for all the users in your country.

    List Of Started Translation Projects

    in English

    en Nederlands

    in Czeski

    in Deutsch
    Deutsch Done
    English Done
    NEW: France Done
    Friedemann Sarnau
    Netherlands Done
    Arjan  Verhart
    Ceski Done
    Tomas Zouhar
    NEW: Hungaria Dome
     Kovács Attila
    NEW: Sweden Done
    Español planned  
     Andrea Mehl
    Italiano planned  
    Belgium wish  
    Marc De Smet